FoliageTypes still executing drawcalls after being culled!


I noticed a big issue with FoliageTypes not being culled properly as they are still causing drawcalls after being culled. This is a huge issue for us as we have a large map with tons of different FoliageTypes being spawned. Hiding Foliage doesn’t work, same with hiding all static meshes, only physically deleting all FoliageTypes from the Foliage editor fixes this.

In the end we will end up with about 15-20k completely wasted drawcalls in our map which is crazy.

I have tried engine version 4.20, 4.21 and 4.26 and the issue occurs on all.

Thats a bug. Foliage likely would not stop using draw calls, but only 1 draw call per foliage type, not 1 draw call per instance of foliage.

We had to resort to level streaming, which has it’s own problems in our case but at least performance doesn’t get absolutely destroyed by this in our 64sqkm map.