Foliage Tool Filtering on Physics Material

Is there a way to filter the foliage tool on landscape layer physics materials?

I’ve created my own foliage placement tool in BP with random ray tracing, and can specify placement on different landscape layers with physics material. It’s a great control for placement, but the efficiency could use some improvement.

I’ll need to look at the code, but someone more familiar with the foliage tool would have better insight.


Well, if you are running your own linetraces then you can filter by physical material that way -off the hit result.

There is no way to refine or position the foliage stuff in any other way but by hand currently.
All you have is the brush options at the top that tell you where to place instances.

Yes, that’s how I’m doing it, currently.

Sort of playing with the same collection shuffling idea, for other purposes.
I can tell you this much. Loading 50k instances manually in a BP loop takes close to 4 minutes on a top of the line processor.
I’m planning to break apart the load level source since someway somehow that has to be loading all the foliage correctly. Perhaps you can look over that code to help with your endeavors as well.