Foliage Spawner 4.26.1 with small rocks!


I’m using the LimstoneSmall Rock pack from QuixelBridge. I have created a FoliageSpawner and also the FoliageTypes, but when I run the simulation spawner UE4.26.1, I would expect much more small rocks on my surface. I have been playing with different settings, but theres not much happening I have noticed that the rocks are very, very small in size. Does anybody know whats causing this problem? Or is it because there so small… they I really need to fix my setttings. The rocks are from the Quixelbridge LimeStone_Small_Rocks_Pack

Lime_StoneRock_01= 9x8x6
Lime_StoneRock_02= 15x10x8

I think those are just tiny stones. You can scale them up or use bigger rocks.

Hi, but do you mean in the foliage Type the procedural scale ive set to 100!! nothing! I tried other rocks they spawn correctly or could it be this rock pack doesn’t work.
or is the spawner perhaps getting confused as they are so small!! :wink: Do you noticed any strange settings in my spawner. there should be much rock placed on the surface.

Unless I’m missing something, I can’t see scale 100 there…

Ok thanks for your reply. I this screenshot I changed the scale to 20%, but still not many rocks to been seen. Could other things / settings in the mesh settings be causing it to spawn
incorrectly Its quixel small_rock_pack with different rocks all setup with LODS too. Just find it strange that its not doing much!! If you have any ideas I’m interested.

Surely you want to set the scale to like 300%, no?

Just actually put one of these in your level and take a look at it. Does it look any good?

Thanks again… I think there should be more spawing rocks visible. nevertheless the scale issue. I have tried both and scale and spawing settings. I also think that these small rocks I should’n be spawning anyway. But perhaps using the foliage/painting tools would be beter solution. Thanks for your help + info.