Foliage Painting and Level Streaming

On 4.22.

I am royally annoyed actually beyond that.

So far for level streaming, it is double click layer, add to layer or level or whatever, simple right.

Now foliage paint, somehow it is the epitome of stupid and goes to the root, okay whatever. Now to put it into layer 1, click the foliage, and then right-click the layer add the actor to layer. Okay, this is 3 layers of asinine but I can deal with it (Unreal 4 is a lot of I can deal with it even though it should not be this stupid). Maybe there is another way I dunno where it is.

Now I have one area’s foliage painted in, time to make another. Okay, it is on the root as always, cool whatever, do the stupid method, right click, add the actor to layer 2, and f…u…c…-k me it decides to merge layer 1 to layer 2 making a big pile of lag for me. Maybe I am a complete idiot and somehow clicked the 1st layer while trying to merge easy mistake. Hide that layer to make it where I can in no way click on it, and try again, and derpity derp derp it merged the layers which I never asked for.

Okay seriously who the hell came up with this level streaming method for foliage for one (if this is the actual method they need to be taken out back old yeller style), and for two how the hell do you make multiple foliage layers since you know, a c_.r.a-p ton of foliage loaded all at once is a pretty good lag creator.

You can just double click on the layer you want to pain on in levels window before you paint the foilage

Nope doesn’t work at all. That is what I suggested they put in. Double click paint that is how it should be but nope. Turns out even with a low poly level you cannot keep the low poly level at the root and paint foliage on another layer. Turns out you have to cut your level up to paint foliage on and depending on what you want to do with the foliage you may even have to duplicate some of your level. If you somehow hit merge actor to a layer you just screwed the pooch because all foliage will merge to that layer. It is asinine.