Foliage paint --> but not "here"

So i was originally using the proc foliage setup, but, with its “problems” with FPS killing, i moved back to painting the foliage on “the old way”. It works fine, but, i was wondering if there was a way to block off (much like the foliage tools “no foliage” box) where painting was done. Now, i know there is the “paint only on this mask” but it would be 100x easier if i didnt have to go paint all the areas in that i didnt want foliage to be.

If there is a way to block off entire sections to say “dont place foliage here”, this would be ideal. Even if its something i have to make, is it possible? My goal is to maximize foliage in the areas i want it, by removing it 100% where i dont.

Using the foliage erase works fine, but, right now im just using the max size brush, selecting my foliage, click and hold with some small movements to fill in any spots from the paint tool. Then i have to go back in and erase the foliage from where i dont want it, then go back in and do minor fill ins (like 25 size paint tool) and around items that are sitting in the grass/foliage.

Does the foliage blocking volume work for the paint tool as well?!!?