Foliage LODs change once app is packaged [?]

Hi everyone,

I’ve come across what seems to be a bug ever since 4.13.

In the editor my foliage LODs show up as they should when the user (camera) is near them, but once the app is packaged the LODs lower in quality significantly. This is a VR project btw.

I never had this issue with 4.12 and before.

Any ideas what setting might be causing this? Makes it difficult to troubleshoot when it shows up differently when run from the editor.

Also, another thing I’ve noticed is the windowed resolution of the app is significantly lower too once packaged, which makes recording any game play look really bad.

Any ideas about that too?



When you were in editor, were you using VR preview or just play in viewport? LODs are based on size on screen but with an HMD, your screen is split in half which impacts the size on screen for LODs. If that’s the same issue you are running into, you can adjust your LOD distance scale. Since our game supports both VR and non-VR, we fire off this adjustment when HMD is detected.