Foliage LOD Only Works When Edit Menu Open


I have come across a weird problem that I cannot stop. Most all of my game objects, ground material, grass, trees, and rocks have the same problem where the LOD will not work properly unless their static mesh is opened in the editor. Below is a link to my google drive with the images. I’m not fully sure what is causing the problem. I know that the editor runs slow because I’m running it on epic to test everything. I usually sit around 25-45 fps, but the lod only kicks in when the editor is active it seems like. My last note is that I tested it in another scene that was much smaller and ran at 120 fps and the LOD’s worked perfectly. So, it may be something the unreal does to keep from crashing? Any help of guidance would be great!

Other useful information:
I am using level streaming
This is a very large world 16 sq km
My graphics card is a gtx 960
I have 8 gbs of ram
I am using procedural foliage

Thank you,

  • Raymond stump

You can better debug LOD and culling in the editor when you enable game mode under the caret button on the top left. It should cause the editor to draw the scene as if it were playing.

OwenWP, Thank you! This helped. It looks like I am running out of pool memory for textures. So, I am upping that to around 2500

Do you know anything else that can help reduce the strain on that?