Hey, i have another problem(as always :x) and questions. Firstly i finally found solution for make trees move but there is another problem. I had some errors with Overlaping UV, so i generated UV in UE4 and ok, error dissapeared(yay hurray).
But on my model you can see some weird bugged shadows.
And here is my Question:
When i changed mobility to station, then problem dissapeared, so all foliage with any movement should be checked as Station or Movable? Or maybe there is other solution.

Changing light map coordination index to 1 fixed problem:)

Ehh yea it changed the problem with weird shadows, but again i have an error with overlaping UV 2,4%. When i change coordination index to 1 then there is no problem with shadows, but i have an build error, but when i change index to 0, then there is no build error but shadows looks terrible.(Increasing Lightmap Resolution dont work too)