Foliage is painting below world machine terrain

I created a World Machine tiled map(8 tiles) and imported it into UE4 successfully. However it seems that any foliage i try to add(paint) to the terrain wants to paint on a flat plane, below the imported maps. However if i place one of the trees separately on the plane, it knows exactly where to place it on the Z-axis.
I cannot move the terrain once it’s imported because it’s locked. What am i doing wrong? do i need to import the terrain differently?

What happens when you disable “static mesh” and BSP + which engine version do you use? :slight_smile:

disabling the static mesh and BSP does nothing. When I have the static mesh enabled, i can actually see the “dome” part of the tool underneath the terrain.
I am using 4.7.0-release 2.

Below is another picture showing a “beach” at a slight slope. Notice how the trees do not follow the contour. As it goes to the right, it will stop painting until the imaginary plane is below the terrain.


Notice in this picture, the terrain tool “dome” will hug the terrain, but it still puts the foliage on that imaginary plane:

Have you already rebuild everything (build button) and does it also happen in 4.6 (there are still some problems with 4.7) :slight_smile:

OK, i figured it out. When using world composition and multiple tiles, you MUST select a SINGLE tile/level from the Levels window, right-click–>Make current. Then foliage can be applied to this level only.
The editor saves the Foliage instance data, for each map, in separate files (makes sense…)
Would have been nice to mention this in the Documentation. Hope this helps someone else.
Thanks for the help…