Foliage instances closer


I’m doing some tests with foliage tool but I can’t do that the instances appear closer.

I have reduced the radius to 0 and the density is at 1000.0. Can be closer the instances?


Thanks for your help.

Not 100% what you mean by “Can be closer the instances?”… Is there something specific you are trying to do? Do you maybe have a reference picture that shows the type of behavior you want to achieve? Also it looks like your mesh is really tiny. Is it supposed to be like that?

I’m trying to make is that the instances are closer to each other.
Yes, the mesh is small, it is a kind of grass.

Pretty sure you can actually turn up the paint density and density / kuu2 to higher values.
Usually though each instance of the grass would have more than one blade, so if you want it to be really dense you’ll have to crank up the density values or edit the mesh itself.

These values are already full, I’ll have to edit the mesh.

You may want to try this again with a patch of grass instead of individual blades.

Edit: I need to read better, yes, someone had already suggested this so now I am just backing up their suggestion. Using foliage’s instanced meshes will work better if the mesh is a patch of grass and not a blade. That’s why people use big leafy trees etc or branchy ones. Good luck!

In that screenshot the values are far from full, if you click on density you should be able to type in a value up to 3 if I remember correctly, I’ve used density / kuu2 up to 7000 as well but I don’t know if it’s really a good idea.

You’re right, the scroll doesn’t allow higher values but can be written.

I’ll do that you say.

Thank you very much!