Foliage in the material for static mesh (Feature request)

I created a material with layers of painting with automatic foliage with grasses, flowers and trees and it worked perfectly in the landscape but nothing happens when I put the material on the static mesh. I have also tried to put the static mesh at the level THAT I want to have foliage, I created a landscape and used the feature of placing landscape foliage to place on a static mesh and in the end I tried to merge the instances of the foliage with the static mesh but it got massive lag. I want to put foliage on a static mesh that is movable but I have found no way. HELP.

I have done this by merging the foliage with a mesh using the ‘merge actor’ functionality. I had instanced the foliage actors first before merging. I don’t know if that’s possible in default UE, I used Instance Tool:…/instance-tool

This also will not work with folaige materials that use the modern pivot point wind system.

EDIT: To be clear here. I didn’t use the foliage tool. I think you have to get out of that system for this. I made my own foliage spawner, then turned them into instance with instance tool, then merged the meshes :slight_smile:

The foliage spawn was very simplistic by the way, don’t get put off by that…

I do not intend to invest in money for my development.

I tried to use vertex painting to put automatic foliage using a color layer but it seems that the engine does not offer this functionality even if it were possible.

So I realised you can merge the actors into one instance from the engine now.

  1. 3 Cubes


  1. Right click and choose merge actors, take the 3rd option:

  1. You end up with 1 actor that looks like 3 cubes:


This is what I did with foliage, desribed above…

So I didn’t use the foliage tool, I placed actual meshes on another mesh using my own BP volume, the I merged all the actors into an instance.

I already did that, I merged all of the foliage in just one but I got massive lag when putting on the level and the blueprint in addition to the time to complete the merger, I also tried to merge several instances at a time but it was also not efficient (Intel Core i5 3.50 x4)

any idea???