Foliage get world position?

I made the world through level streaming and faced the fact that some areas are too heavy and when they are loaded in 1 frame, there is a long lag for a few seconds. I decided to give up level streaming and manually highlight foliage, which is in the player’s area of vision. To do this, I need to know the coordinates of foliage instanced actor in the world, but they are always equal to 0. Are there any tips on how to determine which foliage I hide. Or maybe there are tips on how to make sure that ue4 does not try to load the level in 1 frame. Well, and so on. Basically, I will not give up tips on how to optimize a huge world where I have fps sagging because of 1) a huge amount of foliage 2) because of its uploading to level streaming

I was also thinking of moving the entire foliage into a static bag, but it didn’t seem to be the same.