Foliage flickering hell (video inside) +EDIT

Hello everyone,
I’m banging my head on a wall here.
I’m creating a large scene forest for an aerial fly-by 360° sequence. As soon as the camera starts to get some distance, the foliage start to flicker, as Unreal doesn’t seems to apply the anti-aliasing very well on the foliage’s alpha, so it creates an annoying noise when I move the camera around. Happens both in the rendered sequence and the editor.
So far I’ve tried the anti-aliasing methods, the blur option in the mipmaps (helps, but doesn’t solve everything), the “misc” option in the post-process volume…but with no avail. I don’t get why I do not have a better result in the engine. Apparently, other people have had this problem, but none I could find received a proper solution. I’m using 4.24.

Here’s a video of the effect :

Would anyone have a solution for this, please ? It’s urgent… Thanks in advance for the help !

… if you need to run this at runtime you are barking up a very wrong tree (pun totally unintended).

If you are rendering a short, then you can change the mip bias of the leaves texture as you mentioned. You probably need a better/larger base alpha texture if you still see flickering.

Also enable TAA. I would wager its not enabled.

Hello, thanks for replying.
I’m shooting a short, so no worries. And I’m using TAA already.
As for the MIP options, well, I’ve tried each of them but none fixed this damn flickering.
I’m using trees from the market place, textures are at least 2048… Is there anything I’m missing ?

OK, so I did found my culprit.
I’m using a plugin from the marketplace for the 360° rendering. Very efficient.
But unfortunately, this was the cause of the noise effect on the foliage’s alphas. I don’t know why, but once I’ve removed this plugin from the scene, the leaves stopped getting noisy.
One month spoiled trying to fix the trees. Dammit.

Now, what I have to do is to find how to get the TAA’s ghosting effect down and I’m set.

The ghosting effect would probably be due to the texture.
Most marketplace assets aren’t meant for cinematics / you would benefitted from a speed tree license maybe?

Anyway, extract the alpha of the leaves, separate it into its own texture, and use it as a separate thing to mask. Performance not being an issue when doing shorts, you’ll get the best visual result this way.