Foliage disappears from static meshes when merging them into one static mesh

I am working on optimization of a level. Many static meshes have got a foliage on them. When I merge few meshes, foliage that was on those static meshes disappears. Is there any way to merge assets and keep the foliage in it’s position? There is no landscape on the level, all foliage is only on static meshes. I have been trying to move foliage to different sub-level but that doesn’t work.

How/why does that not work?

you should be able to select all the foliage or the specific foliage with the selection tool.
Once it is selected in the level viewer you just right click on a loaded level and you get the option to move the foliage.

You will end up with invalid foliage meshes btw. Because they’ll be floating and not in contact with the static mesh. But they do stay in place, so when you load both levels you get both “layers”.

After merging you should be able to also move the foliage back. However I suggest you dont move it from its x/y/z location as doing so may cause issues when trying to get it back in place via collision (hitting the home key) especially when using static meshes…

When I move the foliage to a different layer, it is still in contact with the static mesh, even when both are on different layers. When I merge, foliage disappears from the layer I have moved it to previously.

Sounds like you would be better off duplicating the level, deleting the meshes, saving it and closing it out.
then duplicate the original again, remove the foliage.

Then simply create a new one, import both, load both. They should be fully independent this way…