Foliage disappearing in split-screen

I’ve been mulling over this issue for weeks and can’t find a solution. I’m working on a split-screen shooter, and foliage painted into the world via the foliage tool will often disappear on one player’s screen while appearing visible on another’s, and throughout the game will go in and out of existence for all players seemingly at random. it’ll disappear in random patches and come back while on screen, creating a pretty jarring effect. I’d like it to be consistently visible for all players. I’ve noticed it doesn’t happen with only two players, just 3 and up, if that helps. So I have a hunch that it might be because of a max amount of foliage UE4 can draw? But I can’t find anything to support that, let alone edit it.

In this image you can see that player 1 can’t see the foliage (but can see the shadows) that player 4 is rendering normally: LvierB9.jpg