Foliage Culling problem


My foliage is getting faded out at certain distance which I don’t want it. The fun thing is that it only happens to certain foliage, rest of them are all fine. I’ve made a master material and all the foliage are sharing instances of it. My alpha is straight plugged into opacity mask. So far I checked all the settings but no luck so far. In foliage tool; culling start and end distance is set 0. Any advise?

bump…here is the screenshot.

This is an issue with the opcaity masks mip mapping.
You can fix it by lowering the Opacity Mask Clip Value in the material (instance) properties. The default value is 0.33, try something in the range of 0.2-0.3 instead.

Thank you mAlkAv!An, I was totally unaware of this but after experimenting with the values, I found a nice sweet spot that worked fine.