Foilage Tool & Grass

Hi, Not sure if i am in the correct section or not.

I am putting grass down from the kite demo Looks the boss. But when i build it comes up with overlapping UV’s than the grass looks all blackish


Any Help on this would be great thanks.

When you get the overlapping UV error, you will have to create correct lightmaps for the meshes. :slight_smile:
Otherwise just use dynamic lightning -> set your lights to moveable

Really it’s that easy. Building now will let you know…

Wow its worked. Things that you think are going to be hard are easy as anything. I have tried so many grass models for this. For anyone else this is what i did

1st search light in world outliner
than just click one
2. change from static to movable
Do for the rest of your lights
3. rebuild
4 drink coffee/tea