Fog of War

Hey all,

I’m currently working on a top-down turn-based game, and was thinking about the whole Fog of War thing.
I can think of several different approaches to achieve this via UE (PP, lighting, materials et al.).
Up until now, I spent most of my time on UE handling the programmatic side of things. I work with a visual artist who’s even newer to UE than I, so we both could use some advice here.

I came across the following tutorial, among others:

BUT, since it was published more than a year ago - I was wondering if that’s still the way to go (or if it ever was).
I tried figuring out what approach would be the most elegant, flexible and least resource-consuming, but couldn’t decide. I just don’t know enough about the end-result, and I already have my fair share of spending time on solutions that don’t work/work sluggishly.
Also, since UE is constantly expanding - I’m quite sure the amount of ways to implement Fog of War has only risen in the past year…
So, if anyone had the chance to meddle around with this issue - thoughts/recommendations/comments? (: