FMOD and UE4 ?

I checked out Wwise - seems to be a royal pita to get it working with UE4.

FMOD seems to have current plugin for Android, and free unlimited license for the first commercial indie project (per year). Free license for free projects.

Has anyone used FMOD with Android/Gear VR ?

Does 3D spatialized sound work ?


So, Epic devs can’t chime in and recommend or not recommend FMOD ? :eek:

I tried it out for my project however the performance was not good - as soon as there was more than one sound my FPS dropped, most probably due to increased CPU load caused by the FMOD plugin. This was a while ago I tested it though (like 10months ago) and only on the Note 4 so perhaps it works better on the newer devices. Either way for me the performance caused enough of a drop that we decided to go without 3D sound until Epic supports it. By all reports though Wwise is meant to be the better solution for UE4 & GearVR (but I’ve not tried it as I had not heard of it 10 months ago)

So to answer your question though - yes 3D spatialized sound worked and there is a thread in the forum here somewhere with how to instructions to get it working :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

I looked into Wwise and it’s just a royal pita to integrate. I mean, as is I have to f#$k around with Gear VR and UE4 to get things working. Then ridiculously long deployment times on top of that (cooking times I guess?). Adding Wwise integration and then building engine from source doesn’t sit well with me (not to mention I don’t want to screw up my MSVC 2013 install with MSVC 2015) :confused:

Upsetting that there is no working and performant solution for 3D spatialized sound that already works with Gear VR out of the box and without butchering performance :frowning: And now with Paragon in works I doubt we’ll see it in 4.12

Oh yeah you need to do all that stuff for the FMOD plugin as well (building engine for source). Building from source definitely sucks away a good chunk of your life to actually get everything compiled and a first cook for both development and shipping builds of your project - often the only way unfortunately for trying the bleeding edge stuff. Having said that though the GearVR has been out for over a year now so would have hoped things like 3D sound would be in by now.

At the moment I’m always needing to build from source just for the get “current volume node” for making the volume ui which still isn’t included out of the box for blueprints: [Gear VR] How to do the required volume UI? - UE4 AnswerHub

Ouch. What’s wrong with you, Epic?! :eek:

So, in order to comply with Oculus, I’d have to do the same if I want to release on Oculus Store? (for volume controls)

So, FMOD finally replied to me - it has no HRTF. Gotta buy yet another plugin. And it doesn’t quote work with Android out of the box so UE4 source needs to be “hacked” to get it all working.