FMG Inventory System Plugin is released!

Inventory system is common in many games. But for every new game, developers usually write their own inventory system from scratch. FMGInvSys is an open-source plugin that seeks to offer an inventory system solution readily available for most projects, while also providing the developers with a great deal of freedom in customization. Plus, it stars the following features:

  1. Flexible item combination
  2. Flexible item widget customization
  3. Multiplayer support

Here are some demo videos:

Overview demo: FMG Inventory System Overview on Vimeo

Custom logic for item combination demo: FMG Inventory System Custom Logic for Item Combinations Demo on Vimeo

Custom item widget setup demo: FMG Inventory System Customized Item Widgets Demo on Vimeo

GitHub: GitHub - FreemanMakesGames/FMGInvSys: FMG Inventory System, or FMGInvSys, is an Unreal Engine plugin, that features uniquely flexible item combinations and item widget setup.

Currently the plugin supports UE 4.25.

Let me know what you think!