Flying zombies!

So im having a issue, and cant find a fix, so when my zombies get into a hoard, some will randomly fly into the air its like they collide and shoot up, reminds me of skryims things getting hit by the giant, but i have made jump to 0, im not sure what it could be any tips would help

- YouTube you can see it happen a bit in this video

Hey, is that video of your project, looking pretty good…

Looks like sometimes they’re walking on top of the others (sometimes by not much - on the back of the others legs or sometimes on shoulders) and sometimes they shoot into the air… Whats the collision mesh like for the zombies simple or complex? Might be worth checking “Character > Mesh > Collision > Can Character Step Up On” is off. Also in “Character Mesh > Details > Physics > Enable Per Poly Collision” is turned off if possible? Also check NavAgent MaxStep height? Might be worth checking Capsule Component > MassInKg weight setting as well?

Are you using projectiles? if yes, make sure that after death you disable the collision with the projectile, as it may be what sends them flying.