Flying game project, YAW issue

Hello together,

This is my first attempt to build a game prototype. I am building a flying game, and I encounter several issues. Here is one of them to get started:

I´ve setup basic flying movement with a pitch and yaw. The goal for the yaw movement would be that the player´s “ship” makes a yaw movement, but simultanously rolls to a certain degree.

So far, I´ve manged to do so, but the problem is once I release the right thumbstick, the ship goes back to the Y-position it was before I started the left or right YAW-movement. Instead I want the ship to continue its new X-trajectory straight forward as soon as I release the thunbstick.

This is my blueprint for the YAW-movement. It´s probably a minor fix to solve, but since I am totally new to “blueprinting” (and coding), I am lost so far. Do you might have an idea how to fix it?

Thanks for any help!