Fly Offset


I’ve got an issue with a resize flying dino, in fact one of the issue in those two threads but with the manticore…

The take off height is in the BP of the dino in “take off additional velocity Z”

I resize it, scaling down, adjust everything fine except :

  • Min flying z-offset

it acts as if it was at the original scale, when i want to fly near the ground it floats far above as if there was a collision with the original mesh’s size

I look and try to modify almost all offset in Charcter BP, try to play with Capsule, i looked and tried some things in Anim BP, Skeleton, Mesh, AI BP, try to compare all of those with Argent and Quetzal… but nothing so far

So I wonder if since those two threads left without aswer someone got a solution, please

EDIT : There is a Use Flying offset in the anim blueprint but deactivate it or modifying the z offset doesn’t seem to do anything