Fluid Material

Hi there,

i am working on a 2.5D game project which use fluids for part as its core game elements. Therefore i want to create some nice looking - but not realistic fluids like this by the “The Cave” game:

Translucent and reflective water like fluid:

Opaque but reflective water like fluid:

I know the very basics of the UE4 material system, but have no idea what geometry must i use to get the same fluid like the screenshots above. Tried it with a box geometry and a material for the top and the front with some fresnel, depth fade, opacity - but it was not that good…
What do i need to create such materials to recreate the same visual fluid like the shots above?
Lastly which may be more important, i want to create “animated fluids” which may flood areas which are not flooded in the first place and the opposite - My basic idea was to just use the UE4 animation system and animate every fluid by hand. Initially i was hoping that UE4 has particle-fluid support built-in, so that i can have fluid which flows naturally, forms waves and have dfferent stiffness, viscosity, friction, damping and all that **** but UE4 has now support for it right now.