Floaty Things

I normally don’t come looking for help without an example, but blueprints are still something I am not at all comfortable with (despite the tutorials). I want to do something seemingly easier. I can do this in code with no problem, but I need to get a blueprint example together for the person who will be doing level work.

I have a cloud blueprint.

I will place the cloud where I would like it to start.
I would then like the cloud to start moving in a direction.
Once it reaches a certain distance from the start point. I would like the cloud to “pop” the cloud to a certain set of coordinates.

I would also like to randomize the Y and Scale when it “pops” to the specified new start coords.

Basically, we have a 2D level, where the camera is locked to a battle stage, and we would like the clouds to basically loop, but with a little variety. We are using perspective, so we get to abuse the Y.

Thank you for any pointers or help. I think if I had an example of this, I could figure out more complex task.

If you have only one cloud that would be what you’d like :

Blueprint is a box and a mesh. Only the mesh moves.
Only thing you have to add is select the actor location on finished from an array to have the starts you want (and set distances / delay). If distance is to far to have delay being ok for close and far, you may then can hide cloud (other cloud, mountain , what you use in background) when it teleports to not have weird effect. Of course, you can set lerp values to have distance / speed variations too.

This is one of the reasons I love Unreal, the community. Anywhere else, you ask a simple question, and instead of an answer you get something like “You shouldn’t do that for blah blah reason.” and never any real answers.

I haven’t tried it out yet, but thank you for taking the time to help me out. It is very appreciated. I can’t wait to give it a whirl after I get some sleep. Thank you.

Uh. sorry for your generic “you should not do this” answer, but:

butt number one:

use particles for this cloud task. You can spawn meshes as particles.

butt number two:

if this project is for PC, use vector fields and gpu particles. Either use just big cloudy particles and spawn them in packs simulating coulds.
Or, combine your idea with vector field that scrambles local particles around simulating more cloudy cloud.

Then you can expose parameters of particle systems, and add nice wrapping it up blueprint layer, so artist can change all parameters from single BP in editor.

Thanks for the advice, and I had actually thought about that, but the person working on the level is actually a programmer. We are working on a 2D game, and would rather have each asset programmed for various reasons. The clouds are not just eye candy. I actually have a reason for wanting to do it this way. The clouds are sprites with various task, and this was more of an example of a base knowledge I needed for something else.