Floating Point formats for Matinee 'Render'

Since the last thread got eaten by the database Kraken…

Is there any plans in future to implement extra file formats for Matinee ‘renders’? Specifically 16/32-bit floating point formats such as EXR or TIFF. We’re currently exploring using UE4 as a semi-realtime rendering solution for a number of pretty large commercial projects, but are a little restricted due to the 8-bit output.

Alternatively, if anyone in the community has built their own functionality into the engine to support rendering floating point images out from the buffer - let me know!


Related to that, would it be possible to add feature for Matinee to render out layers like rendering software in 3d apps do? I mean rendering the sequence into separate outputs for reflections, shadows, albedo, basically all layers that one would need to compose the final picture in compositing sw?