Flipbook with Transparency

Having difficulty getting my flipbooks to be transparent in the black areas of my Texture Map. I understand the distinction between Opacity and Transparency and also how to create a masked material but with Flipbooks you have to use a Texture Object as input instead of Texture Sampler.

My Material Blend Mode is defined as Translucent. I’ve tried saving as both PNG with Alpha and 32bit Targa with alpha.

How do you use the alpha data in your saved Texture Map?

Do I need to be supplying the Opacity Mask input in my Material?

Any feedback appreciated!

Think I have the answer in case it benefits anyone. Not very intuitive. It seems you need to take the UV output from the Flipbook and feed it into the UV input of a texture Sampler node and then take both the RHB and Alpha out puts feeding them into your Material Base Color and Opacity respectively.

If someone has a better way please pass along!