Flipbook/SubUV content question.

Where does everyone get their content for Flipbook/SubUV textures in their particle systems?

I would assume they create them… with Photoshop, Maya, Max, or AfterEffects. I’ve created a wiggling candle flame flipbook by rendering power of 2 images.

I’ve rendered frames then used photoshop’s contact sheet action to make an 8x8 tiled image

I use FumeFX in 3ds max. I render out the frames using an orthographic preview and then composite them manually in a photoshop project using a grid to snap the individual frames. Even with beginner level knowledge it is very easy to get very good looking frames out of FumeFX. I just used an example project and experimented from there. You can attach emitters to meshes and then make very basic mesh animations to move them around for different animations, and the rate of the movement can make dramatic differences even with identical settings. I was rendering these for old games (Brood War, Sins of a Solar Empire), so maybe you want to render out small pieces of the animation, like individual embers, and take advantage of unreal’s far more robust rendering than older titles than what something like this render offers.

FumeFX is definitely looking like the surefire way to go.