Flipbook Displacement is tiling fully on plane, but Base Color is only tiling in one spot


I am new to Unreal, but am enjoying working with it in conjunction with Houdini. I have a scene with a vector displacement flipbook displacing a plane to create waves. It’s working nicely and the flipbook seems to tile correctly for displacement. The alpha of that displacement map has foam, which I plugged into the Base Color. The foam tiles in place, but not across the entire plane for some reason. You can see the image with non tiling foam, the material setup and the UVs on that plane as applied in Houdini. Any idea why the foam is only repeating in that one spot via the flipbook setup, but not over the whole plane?


turned out to be some Houdini HDA strangeness in the water plane that I could not figure out. I exported my tesselated plane as an FBX instead, applied the same material and it tiled fine.