Flickering object and materials

Still try to make a great animation but i have somes issues.
The scene flickering (objects and materials) and i don’t know where i’m wrong.
It’s like unreal need to load something, but all is baked.
The scene run in 60fps on a rtx 3080.
Unreal 4.26+gpu lightmass.
Please see the capture video.

It could be due to reflection captures intersecting with geometry too much, or in odd ways. In the doc pages, it’s said that the reflection capture probes need to either completely encapsulate geometry or not intersect any of it. It’s probably alright for a little intersection, or a little geometry not covered by the probe’s 3D radius. Another is the brightness is really low, so it could be having difficulty rendering the specular reflections from the probe(s). However, I understand having a low brightness value in the reflection probes because of the materials and objects in the scene needing to be realistic. So, perhaps try increasing brightness of probes some, and lowering specular in the materials for objects where there’s flickering.