Flicker when playing video

Hello. I have a problem in my project. I want to create an led screen from pixels, I have made some progress in this, but I can’t overcome this problem when moving away from the screen((( Maybe someone can help me with this. If you reduce the number of pixels, this flicker appears

that even no one will help?:frowning:

A couple things to start. I noticed the pixel lights in the world outliner (upper left list) are set so two are inherited by one. Create a new folder in the outliner by right-click in an empty area of it, and then drag all three pixel lights into it. It might be causing the RED to inherit BLUE and GREEN properties, resulting in color mixing / distortion and the engine not knowing how to render it correctly. Another thing I notice is there’s a sphere reflection capture in the scene. Is it intersecting the LED panel, or is it completely surrounding it? where is it? If it’s intersecting, it could be causing the flicker or contributing to it.

:confused:Yes, it’s not all that. I was just trying out the reflection effects. Even if there is just a pixel screen, there will still be flickering at different distances.