Is there any way to use Flex in projects without downloading from Git and compilling everything? There is no simple way just to load the library and work on it? I want to make some dynamic water. If you can provide me with any other solution for this issue it will be of much help too. Thanks.

No, there is no other way to get a version of UE4 with nvidia flex integrated that I know of. It is very easy to compile it though. You just need to make sure you have visual studio installed properly, download a zip from github, double-click on three files, press a couple of buttons in visual studio. It takes some time and disk space, not much in the way of learning.

Thanks, I will give it a try, the problem is that my connection is bad for all that stuff. But thanks, I will post with results.

As suspected by connection falls down before finishing (sometimes right after it starts) so I will have to find a substitute or forget about it, thanks for reply.

You can try reading another thread from the following post onwards - someone has a similar issue with a different nvidia branch and there are answers that help in relation to download problems.

Thanks but unfortunately it does not worked for me, is ok I guess that I will need to make a different solution for fluids.