flat shading with transparency?

Hello, i’m new to unity, and i’m trying to make a game from ground up…

Flat shaded should be simple and easy to edit with, how do i do that?
basically importing a simple fbx files and apply the alpha in the png/tga.

And maybe turn off all the light and shadow and make the anti aliasing super crisp like console.

If you set your material to ‘unlit’ (instead of the ‘default lit’), it should give you most if what you are asking for.

Anti-aliasing is a separate setting - you can increase the temporal anti-aliasing samples using the command r.TemporalAASamples. There is also the command r.TemporalAASharpness - but I haven’t experimented with it yet.

Um, i tried it but the draw return only black. Even after building the shaders, which take roughly a minute or so.

Are you sure its unlit?
What i need is textures with only the color, without any deferred shadow too.