Flashbang hit indicator

Hello all. Been stuck on this for a few days now with no luck. In my multiplayer game, when ever you throw a flash bang and it blinds an enemy, I’d like the thrower/owner to receive an indicator via widget to know they have flashed someone. Using print strings, I can successfully see the playerID of the thrower, and the ID of the player being flashed. Seemed simple enough to get the owner of the flashbang I set up as a variable to fire the hit marker widget event. It sort of worked, but I only see a hit marker when I flash the server, not on other clients. And if I flash someone as the Server, the client that got flashed sees the indicator on their screen instead of the servers screen. I’m still learning replication but wondering if any one might have a simple solution for triggering a widget/hit marker when another player gets flashed. Thanks in advance for any help