Fix problems after moving UE installation directory AND after cloning project to new directory

I am cleaning an old hard drive and I move everything to a new one. For the unreal engine installation itself, I chose to uninstall the old one and simply make a fresh install in the new location. No problem.

For my current project, a C++ project, I chose to clone this one to the new location. Now I have two problems: The C++ project, when I open it in Rider, isn’t aware of a functioning installation of unreal engine. Quite logical, because I basically deleted it.

How can I point my C++ project to the new UE installation directories?

Next problem: When cloning the project, there was a warning that I might have to do some fixes manually in order for everything to work in C++. Fair enough. But it’s a topic that seems awefully difficult to get reliable information.

How can I fix the resulting C++ project after cloning a project?

I will gladlly accept any help, hints, and general advice. This probably has been discussed or even solved somewhere. Only I can’t find anything on the topic.

As a possible workaround, I thought about creating a new, empty project from inside the new UE installation directory and migrating the stuff from the old project over there. I would take this as an opportunity to clear up my project for a abit, along the wary. However, if there is a way of fixing my project without such a manouver, I would prefer the faster route.

Any hints on where to start?

The only thing I can find online is symlinks, which basically means, I don’t change anything in my project. But it requires the old install location to be mounted (and existing) to put symlinks there, which isn’t an option for me.

Right click on the .uproject and use Switch Engine Version to fixup engine location. Then regenerate project files. Then rebuild. There shouldn’t be anything else to fix as far as I’m aware.

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Thank you so much. It seems kind of obvious now … maybe too simple to be true. Everything works fine again.