Fix for bouncing destructible meshes

I have a destructible mesh I line up a few times next to each other, they blow apart just fine on their own, well sorta. Then they have some debris parts that can get destroyed.

Two things I want to work on / flip around.

1.) anyway to stop the walls from bouncing and or from pushing so much insane force outwards against other destructible meshes. It’s almost like putting ragdoll on meshes. I think it’s part of the bug with the mass of DMs not working but any way to improve on what’s happening. Here is a video showing the issue.

2.) I have 3 depth levels, 0,1,2. When the mesh blows up it breaks the level 1 apart and then they can get broken down into the level 2 as debris. I would like to sort of swap this method, I want smaller chunks to flake off the main mesh, instead of the main mesh breaking apart then the big pieces breaking into smaller bits. I think that is just how I have the model setup. or could be with how the force is being applied to the mesh. It’s an impulse force getting applied. I know the tracer option seems to do this well, but was hoping to provide a bit more volumetric option to tearing it down. Like when the rock hits the right top half I want it to blow apart but not the whole mesh basically. Thoughts on where i have my settings off?



I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but APEX destruction and cloth will not currently work with mobile devices. This is on the list to add support for sometime in the future though.

As far as your mesh popping up like that, try ticking the option for “World Support” to keep the parts of the mesh that are adjacent or overlapping with static meshes as environmentally supported. A good alternative since you have multiple depth layers, and even on a single layer this would work, would be to grab the chunks on layer 1 and set them to “Do Not Fracture” in the chunk parameters. That way anything else can be knocked away but those pieces would always remain looking more realistic.

Thank you!


Thanks for the tips. I’ll try them later.

In regards to the mobile aspect we knew it was probably not going to work, but figured by time we get it all the way to release you guys might have that working. But a follow up will the built in UE fracture tool work with mobile? If so I can make that work for a while. Also any issues with apex and html5?

Also a follow up does world support work with terrain? Or just static meshes?

Did some testing when I got home, the issue is with terrain it seems, the world support doesn’t work with terrain, or is there a setting that needs to happen to it will work with terrain?

So did some more testing and I can’t figure out the settings for static mesh to become something that will work with world support. I’m sure it’s got to be some setting with static mesh i’m over looking.

My thought is since it doesn’t like to work with terrain, I would create static mesh pads for the destructible meshes to sit on. I tried this and same result as using terrain, however if I use just a BSP brush it works perfect, the world support works and the meshes stay glued to the ground and blow apart beautifully Thoughts?

Update, after additional testing and more detailed debugging, it’s cause I had put my DM inside a blueprint and that blueprint settings had simulate physics on it. When simulate physics is set it causes all the odd ball force etc to be applied and world support to just go out the window.

With it off then the forces are localized to just the one object basically though. Which works for my particular instance / need.