Five minutes to Engine ( 4.18.3)

It’s taking FIVE minutes to just get to ‘editor’ , no level added.

I5 3570 8gb ram GTX 940 2gb, PNY SSD ( almost new), MSI motherboard ( no overclocking anywhere, cpu set to ECO ), all self built.

Level loads in way under a minute, so why is engine taking five ? :wink:

Is 4.18.3 a bit buggy atm, or new features taking all this time ?

Detailed terrain ( just terrain tools nothing else) , a few geometry stairs etc, but no shaders,just terrain texture.


Sounds like it’s computing shaders. Open up your task manager, expand the part that shows UE4, you will probably see a bunch of shader compilers with high CPU usage.

Hi IP,

I checked, and during load of UE4 ( past launcher ofc) it never went past 15% or so, and I never saw anything about ‘shaders’ or such.

I did see something really odd as in I"ve never noticed before, is that the CPU speed was HALF( 1.60ghz ) what it should be as this is a 3.2ghz I5 3570 system. I rarely monitor such things as in general system is fast so I had no expectations per se.

I guess(*?) the ’ ECO’ mode does more than keep the speed of computer down ‘temporarily’ under near zero load, it seems to affect everything, all of the time, which I never would have suspected.

I never suspected anything, bc my level which atm is mostly terrain as noted earlier, loads fairly quickly given its almost 500 MB size.

I’ll be changing eco mode today, and I suspect my loading times will be what they were , and I’ll update here afterwards.

Made no diff going from eco to standard,so I must look further for shaders I guess, &/or maybe remove all geometry ( default from ue4) and see if that alters load speed.

To reiterate, the ‘level’ load time given its size, seems decent,its just loading the editor is taking a long time.

Anyone else have such long load times for this engine version, and similar ISH specs ?


There are a lot of assets that it has to load and check, you might want to try defragmenting your hard drive. I know that the first time I open the editor for the day, it takes a couple minutes, but then subsequent reloads of it are way faster because it seems like it skips whatever verification step that it does on first boot.

Check log, note the time of which it takes long time to finish. From there, you will get to know what action consumes a lot of time.

MS defrags once @2 wks so its not that,and the drive is slightly less than a yr old.

I see no change in second load of day, but I’ll double check tomorrow, and btw are you using same version of engine I am ?

It could be your ssd, if you use one, was more expensive and likely a tad faster—worth looking into.

NOTE: checking log soon,ty for suggestion syed


I’m using 4.18.3. I haven’t ran a defrag in weeks and my notebook isn’t powerful at all (it’s a 7200rpm hdd btw).

Opening the UE4Editor.exe the first time to the project browser: A hair over 2 minutes
Opening it for a second time, after closing it: 22 seconds

Check your task manager and see if your antivirus is eating up any hard drive activity as it loads. I noticed that mine was doing so. If yours does, temporarily disable the active protection and try it again, see if your results are any different.

Ya mine takes a solid 2 minutes to get to project browser, then at least another 2 minutes ( little over ) to get to editor–,I would think,my ssd would be showing #'s at least twice what yours are, maybe I should check mobo mke sure its plugged into correct slot ( sata ii vs iii ).

NO seeming way to turn off defender here in windows 10,though I can disable firewall,I see momentarily if that aids load times.

OK and sorry for length of text, but here is log, maybe something here looks like where the problem is–having checked logs, there is NO data representing my issues on say, 3/11/2018, only from 3/5, so thats not going to help at all, but I do a few things that I"m not sure are causing any issues:

posted attachment of log , see near bottom


Ok I have some #'s in case the log doesn’t seem to indicate problems somewhe5re else:

52:08- 55:10 1st load of day , to editor.
2nd load:
56:08 -= 59:02 2nd , same time not slower at all.

That is the data on load time, first of day and right afterwards,I did not use editor for any length of time.
I have, in theory, a much faster drive, so my times should be at least half yours, but they clearly aren’t
so clearly I need to try and find out why,I’ll keep checking.

I tried to upload a txt file instead of length LOG output, but the system won’t take txt files, so what is it looking for ? :wink:

TY everyone for the help.

Ok here are the logs, hope it helps diagnose ,if indeed load times are too slow given my ssd.


Ok first run this am, 3minutes 10 seconds to project browser. Is this all dependent on how many addons I have in project ?

Do you have any & is this a small project with few assets ?

Mine is basically just terrain atm, other than a lot of stairs put together in various shapes,is that possibly causing this &/or my fairly intricate terrain ( design is very intricate, vs more simplistic terrain most might use) ?

I watched task manager as it loaded to project browser, and I don’t recall seeing at any time, the ‘disk’ usage going much about 0.1 MG/s .

Is that very odd ?

This would seem to explain why its taking forever to load, but what would cause this ?

ty anyone

Launching editor takes 3 minutes 10 seconds , first time,If I load say, alternate engine which I have atm, namely lumberyard, then its pretty fast && lumberyard at various points takes up to 30 MB/s disk activity,where ‘most’ of ue4 disk is at 0.1MB/s , the vast majority of load time.

Why such low disk activity ?
FIrewall isn’t blocking as unrealengine editor is allowed in firewall list. :wink:



You could try SysInternals->ProcMon, and profile UE4editor.exe as it loads up.
Otherwise you risk just going ‘around in circles’ and will keep having to guess.
Sometimes the editor can get hung up on trawling though DataDerivedCache…

ok ty frank :wink:

Ok ty again for for that tool, so here are a few odd lines (odd t me, first time use of tool )

FILE LOCKED WITH ONLY READER–Seeings tons of those all over the place.
PATH NOT FOUND : C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Plugins\Developer\CodeLiteSourceCodeAccess\Binaries\Win64\NETAPI32.dll
NAME NOT FOUND: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Plugins\Developer\KDevelopSourceCodeAccess\Binaries\Win64\NETAPI32.dll
name not found: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\ArchVisCharacter\Binaries\Win64\IPHLPAPI.DLL

Way too many to paste all of them in, but you get the idea.

WHy are so many things missing & file locked warnings…



Had something simpler in mind when I suggested this approach to troubleshooting:
Profile Good/Bad machine … Profile Good/Bad UE4 engine version. Then diff them…

If the startup problem isn’t in 4.17 using the same rig, then profile + diff 4.17/4.18…
But if the problem is the machine itself, and not any specific UE 4 engine version…
Then do you have a 2nd machine lying around with multiple builds to test with etc…
If not, get a friend you can ask with the same OS and UE4Engine, to get a 2nd log…

What you’re aiming for is a good baseline reference that you can use for comparison.
You’re trying to spot patterns here, not consume line by line Wireshark-like detail logs.
Unless you’re MS Advanced-Support, detail in the logs is often too much info anyway.
You also encounter lots of false-flags / red-herrings that can actually be safely ignored.

If a missing dependency is delaying UE startup Depends.exe also on the MS site helps.
Use a Diff’ing tool of your choice if you have one, or the classic Win-Diff tool off MS’ site…