First Time Skeletal Mesh-Need Help

Hey everyone. I’ve got myself all confused. I’ve read the skeletal mesh pipeline, re-targeting, watched about 10 character import videos on youtube and I think I’m close to getting a custom character to work but I just can’t get past a few issues. I’ve tried searching here, but I keep getting links to what I’ve already read and watched.

Here’s the problem. I exported the mobile skeleton from unreal, opened it in maya, deleted the mannequin mesh, rigged my own character, exported as FBX, and imported into UE4. No problems so far. I copied the character blueprint I wanted to use and it said my bones hierarchy was not the same. Weird because I used the exact same skeleton. But whatever, I re-target the skeleton, ref pose, and re-target the animations. This is where the problems start.

  1. I copy the character blueprint again, select my skeletal mesh and instead of playing the animations it stands there in T-pose. Below the character should be in idle animation.

  2. I cannot under any circumstances select my own blend spaces, animation blues prints, animation files, etc in the pull downs such as in the over-ride animations in the graph editor. This is the same in every kind of window. Do I have to do some sort of recompile for the editor to find my assets and blueprints? The only thing that appears in the pull downs is my skeletal mesh.

  3. My character plays some animations perfect, but a couple are completely wacked out. The death animation is floating at hip level, the run animation is stuck in the floor, but the run animation is flawless. Why do some anims work great and others go bananas.
    a5bf06fe7235336331212ebd868ae9b4602e4df3.jpeg 0585c537c7c4bcede11e85bbd672df62bb5a25d7.jpeg RunOK.JPG

  4. In the graph editor in the animation blueprints the stock Mobile skeleton plays the idle animation. My animation blueprint stands in T-pose.

So my character is there, the anims sort of work, and for some reason it doesn’t want to play any anims within a blueprint.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction.