First time in Unreal.. Got a few questions!

If I’ve posted this in the wrong area let me know and I’ll move it - this is my first post, sorry if I’ve posted in the wrong section!

I’ve just started learning and creating in Unreal Engine 4… and I’m a bit confused. I’ve gone through countless of tutorials and articles and have pretty much learned most of the features and tools in the editor, but am having a hard time trying to figure out how to have my game do certain functions. I guess this thread will be for me to ask questions and get some help when I get stuck!

So I’m creating a 2D side scrolling game and I had a quick question on how to do a certain function in the game. Basically I have 1 level that takes up the entire screen and I want the player to move to the edge of the screen which it then takes the player and loads the next level. I’ve managed to do this via blueprints by adding a cube at the edge of the screen and when the player hits the cube it loads the next level and they are transported to it. However, if the player moves back and goes back to the previous level, they are spawned where they first entered the level. How can I go about having the player spawn at the right side of the screen when a player goes back and have the game save everything they have done in the previous levels they have visited, that way whenever they go to another level it’s not like they are starting it for the first time?

The best example I can give about this is a flash game called Coma:

The player moves to the left and right side of the screen and it loads the next level and depending on which way they enter or exit the level, they are spawned on the corresponding side they’ve entered the level.

Sorry if this is a bit confusing, this is my first time in Unreal and any help is appreciated!