First Successful Blueprint-Requesting Reviews

Howdy there guys!

I created my very first successful Blueprint but there is always room to improve. I’m hoping I could get reviews on how I did and what could be improved on if anyone was interested?

The blueprint is nothing fancy but the goal was to get a pawn to move to three different target points in the level and then loop itself so the same three points are continuously visited in the same exact order until the game is closed. I succeeded in fulfilling the goal and the blueprint works as intended but I’m wondering if what I came up with is the best thing to do? I know there are plenty of different ways but is there anything that could have made it easier or at least more compact?

If anyone is interested I attached a screenshot to the post.

Thank you, everyone!

I’d suggest creating a custom event to repeat the series, that way you don’t have wires stretching backward, which I always feel make the blueprint harder to read.

Looks good, I like seeing well laid out blueprints, especially commented, because it makes it easier to maintain them. For example if you needed Destination A.5 it’d be pretty easy to move things around to squeeze it in there.

Thank you for the complement on the layout. I like to be organized but wires seem to make it a little messy sometimes lol. But could you explain what creating a custom even is? Ive been searching and unless I’ve missing something in the tutorials I’m not sure how to create a custom.

EDIT: I might have figured that question out but I’m still welcome to everything just in case I’m wrong still, haha.
EDIT AGAIN: I totally figured it out, haha.

A suggestion for further enhancement:

create a custom trigger volume blueprint, give it XYZ properties.
create a overlap event in your character blueprint. use your blueprint to move the character to the next XYZ from the trigger volume.
place several trigger volumes in your level (each pointing to another ones xyz coordinates). see if character moves to all of them :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Another option would be to go into your components tab and create three separate points (you can use billboards, or spheres, etc), and make them editable, then place the location that the pawn moves to to these points. That way when you put the pawn into the level you can adjust the points in various locations for guard patrols, varying movements, etc. all from one master script.

Thank you for the suggestion. Works like you said which is awesome because it gave me a few more ideas for better movement using vectors. I’ll post on that when I’m able to.

Could you explain how I would make them editable? I think that is my problem anyways. I followed what you said (did see a “Make Editable” option though) and the object I use just becomes part of the original character mesh so when the character moves the object moves in the map with it.

Hey there,

To make a variable editable, go into the ‘Graph’ part of the blueprint, select the variable to modify, and then check the Editable box in the details panel, as you see in the image below. This will allow you to edit the blueprint values from the main viewport screen’s details panel when the blueprint is placed into the world (or selected). Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Yeah that option isn’t available for me so I’m doing something wrong obviously. Here’s a screenshot of what I see:

The component should be accessible from outside blueprints and editable as a reference type. I think it’s value types that need to be explicitly made editable. You can set the component’s location at any time with SetWorldLoation node. It takes a component input and a vector.

actor components.png