First person X-ray mode? To counter mesh intersecting! Please read.

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So I am struggling with a problem with my not so important project as i am learning unreal engine 4. I cannot find any information about it.

I am trying to make a “true” first person game instead of the traditional one. It means that the hands and weapon that show up on your screen, are real and exactly the ones that everyone sees. Traditional way uses representative gun and hand models which have nothing to do with the real position of the character’s hands and weapon (read: CoD, Battlefields, Halos) etc… This true view is used in Operation Flashpoint and ArmA series at least.

I have an example from Arma 3 that i am looking for. Here is the picture:

What happens in that picture, is that the 3rd person view shows that the gun model intersects with the wall, and it “sinks” inside it. The first person view doesn’t show that though, it shows the whole model as if it is an xray mode or something, i really don’t know what’s happening in there.

My problem is that whenever i go near a wall, my weapon and hands “sink” inside it.

Is there a way to enable Xray mode for first person view only?? Or something else to counter the problem

Thanks alot people! :slight_smile:

Custom Depth!

Wow is it that easy? Gotta test it out later!

Ought to be. If its your FPS character arms that you want to be visible all the time, using CustomDepth to force them to render on top of everything else should be a cinch.