First person weapon not visible.

I’m working on a small FPS project but run into an issue. I followed this tutorial How to Create a Simple FPS in Unreal Engine 4 | up to the point where I would spawn the weapon for Event BeginPlay. It’s supposed to show up in front of the camera when I hit play but it doesn’t seem to be visible for me. I followed everything perfectly up to that point and double checked everything. Some things seem to be different like how the SpawnActor Node doesn’t have the transform parameters built into it but everything else is pretty much the same.

Can you see the gun in the world outliner? ( you can use SHIFT-F1 to free your mouse, and then look in the list of things in your level ). Can you see the gun if you use F8 ( pop out ) and move around?

What I’m getting at is maybe it is there, just not in the player’s view…

So it does show up in the Outliner but when I press F8 and look around I still don’t see it anywhere. It does show up as yellow in the Outliner along with the actual character and camera. They all have the Edit link next to them. I don’t know if that really means anything though.

So I’m dumb. I should’ve actually added a static mesh for the gun in the BP_Rifle. I don’t know how I missed that part lol. Thanks anyway.

I am having another issue though. I made a different weapon (a “SMG”, the first weapon being a “Rifle”) so I could see if I can switch them out with one another. The problem is that SMG messes up my character’s movement. When I hit any of the movement keys (WASD) it moves my character left and moves very fast too. Jumping and crouching works by is really buggy. If I switch back to the Rifle my movement goes back to normal.