First Person perspective charackter flying around

Hello people,

I’m a really beginner in unreal engine 4. I want to create a short horror game using first person perspective.
My problem now is that if I’m hitting the “Play” Button, I can’t see any character model. My “character” is just flying around if I move him with “wasd”. :frowning:
So could you please tell me how I can make my “character” fixed on the ground?

I’m looking forward for your help. :slight_smile:

Best regards

you should start a new project in ue4 and select first person in the main menu, and then start working on that

Ok thanks for your comment.

Am I able to export my current “level” and import it in the new project? If yes how can I do that?


Right click on the level>Asset Actions>Migrate, then choose the new project you made and click on the content folder.