First person arms animation

Hey guys,

I’ve started recently to develop my own game, and I want to go through the whole process by myself. I am at that point where I would like to learn how to implement first person arms and animate them.

Now, character animation is pretty much the only part where I have zero experience in UE4. I have watched the animation plugin for maya series on UE4’s youtube but that didn’t help me much with what I need.

I am hoping that you guys can point out some tutorials for first person arms or guide me through the workflow that I have to learn in order to make what I need. Which is some pretty basic stuff like grab a candle, use it to light some torches on the wall, push a button etc…

I have found that I could use the arms from first person shooter template for prototyping, but of course those animations are only for weapons.

Again, would appreciate some guidance.

Thank you!

You said you have been watching the ue4 maya series? From that I assume you have Maya.
If so, or even 3ds, there is plenty of tutorials for simple and hard animating all over YouTube.

I find a good practise for first person animations is to have a separate viewport positioned to the arms parent bone, and then slide the viewport to another monitor. Then in UE4 I would align that bone to the camera. This way you can see ur animation and how it looks in game directly from your modelling/animating software.