First blueprint tutorial, stuck at Root Component

I’m stuck at this part of tutorial and can’t go next no matter what I do. When I added cone(Base) it didn’t replace DefaultSceneRoot but instead became children of it.

I tried replacing DefaultSceneRoot with Base, adding Scene and making Base child of it but I still can’t proceed further.
Can I find this tutorial in txt+screens version somewhere?

Hi Iwans,

We already have a ticket open to fix documentation (UEDOC-2607). There was a change between 4.7 and 4.8: in 4.8 and beyond, you need to drag component up to DefaultSceneRoot to make it parent. component will replace DefaultSceneRoot and become parent.

Hope that helps!

I know, but even if replace it, tutorial doesn’t recognize it and I can’t go next.

Ah, I apologize, I misunderstood you. Unfortunately, no, this specific tutorial is not available outside editor.

If you need to view this particular tutorial, you’ll need to do so in 4.7 or earlier.