Firing Guns Problems

Hello there,

Does anyone spot where’s my problem? I can’t shoot anymore since i implemented this new system(for fire rate).

All the SRV are set up run on server reliable and all Multi are set up to to Multicast and reliable(when needed).

The logic should work, i have the interface the play between the baseitem/basegun and the character.

Before this method i used the SRV_Fire Weapon and it worked flawlessly but now with this one the only thing that shoots is the grenade launcher cuase it’s still hooked to SRV_Fire Weapon becuase has a different way of shooting.

Please, any ideas or help with the matter…

Thank you very much in advance!

The solution was simple, on the overriden events i had created “custom events” instead of pulling them from the interface INT_PickUp.

Thanks anyways! I hope this helps someone.