Fireball projectile not firing

Can someone help me figure out why my fireball isn’t shooting out. Instead it just stays at my characters location. The only thing I’ve added to the Fireball ability actor is the inherited particle system, and the ProjectileMovement. My understanding is that it should shoot out from my character.
I’ve attached the fireball actor, the fireball PS, the in game error and the ThirdpersonCharacter as a reference.
The ProjectileMovement has an initial speed of 800, and max speed of 800 currently

I did just this, although set initial speed to 1500, it works fine.

I change the first person BP, I don’t know if I picked up something extra somehow…

I’ll try to make the initial speed faster and see what happens. I just think it’s weird it’s not moving at all

Is it colliding with the capsule component?

Could be what Rev says, I did fire it from the gun…

Your Projectile actor… You have a default scene root… delete it and make your projectile the default scene root. this is the proper way to do projectiles.
If i remember correctly you just have to drag the projectile over the default scene root to make it the new default.