Finesse needed for "Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel"?

I’ve been studying the Blueprint_Mouse_Interaction from Demo Content, and have noticed that each of the spheres has one or more locations at which it will continually jiggle back and forth, toward and away from the world origin. The location is usually within one sphere radius from its original position. Often I can release the mouse button, and the mouse-up is not detected. The object stays green and continues to jiggle back and forth. I’m working in Windows 7 Pro, and my friend just verified this same behavior on a Mac. I’m assuming this to be an issue where to make it work really well, there’s a lot more you need to do than just the conceptual example.

I’ve seen postings claiming that “Get Hit Result Under Cursor By Channel” can at times pass through the target object and hit the floor underneath, and this event triggers the strange behavior. This would explain why others claim that the “OnBeginCursorOver” and “OnEndCursorOver” fire simultaneously.

I’m assuming that the Mouse Interaction blueprint is more of a concept example, and that to get good, smooth mouse detection a lot more finesse would be required. Are there any tricks I should know for helping “Get Hit Result Under Cursor By Channel” to run smoothly? Other questions or other blueprints you could point me to that would exemplify very smooth mouse-dragging of objects?

thanks very much