Find the name of UPoseableMeshComponent that is subcomponent of AActor in c++

How can I find the name or a pointer to a UPoseableMeshComponent which is a subcomponent of an AActor in a c++ plugin? I know how to find objects by class or name but I have not found a way to find out either for a top label what are the subcomponents it contains or for a subcomponent what is the top level parent object or name. I am creating a slate ui which has a list of selected aactors and now need to find the name or a pointer to the UPoseableMeshComponent or other components of it.


Hi Lee,

You can find a component on an actor using the FindComponentByClass function, for example:


Will return the first UPoseableMeshComponent that it finds on the actor.

Hope that is helpful to you :slight_smile: