Find references to struct?

If I want to add or remove a variable from a blueprint struct, I have to manually go through the blueprints to make sure I’m not breaking a connection anywhere. What’s the best way to find out which blueprints are referencing a structure?

You should be able to right click the var → Find References; untick *FindInCurrentBlueprintOnly *checkbox, and hit enter in the search bar again. This will iterate through all blueprints in the project and spit out getters and setters, double clicking an item in the list will take you directly to the reference. This should get them all. Hope it helps.

That will only find the references to the variable created in that blueprint. I’ve found that you can right click on the struct in the browser and click on the reference viewer to find all of the blueprints that use that struct. Thanks for your help.

Did you **untick **the FindInCurrentBlueprintOnly and searched again?

Yes. That only finds the references to the variable created in that blueprint of the struct type. To find other occurrences of the struct, not related to the variable of the struct type created in a blueprint, you have use the reference viewer from the browser.